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CHAPTER HL – Paso Robles

Chapter HL holds monthly business meetings on the second Wednesday at 10 AM.

The Paso Robles P.E.O. Chapter HL is an active group of about 40 women which was originally organized in 1932 in Berkeley, CA, then merged and moved to Paso Robles in 1992. Through fundraising, friendship and bonds of sisterhood, provide educational opportunities and emergency financial assistance for both women and men locally.

Chapter HL awards grants and scholarships to women based on achievement and need, and assists candidates in applying for P.E.O.’s chapter, state and international loans, grants and scholarship.  Since 2002, Chapter HL has helped over 62 women with awards totaling $156,000 in financial support to help women reach for the stars.

Chapter officers:

President – Shelley Rockoff

Recoding Secretary – Bonnie Hewitt

Treasurer – Liz Hastings

For information, contact P.E.O. Paso Robles at or visit our social media channels.

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