“P.E.O. support has significantly impacted me both financially and emotionally.  I am trying to get through graduate school without accumulating exorbitant debt, and I am succeeding with savings and by applying for scholarships.  The P.E.O. scholarships will cover the cost of my books, as well as supplemental expenses associated with my degree and clinical rotations. 

Knowing there is a group of strong, smart, and successful women in my corner who are willing to help me has been convicting and encouraging. My goal is to pay back both the scholarships and the support to a future graduate student as soon as I am in a position to do so.

I am proud to be setting an example of hard work and perseverance for my daughters and look forward to a successful career as a Speech Language Pathologist after graduate school.  I hope they will learn that they can achieve almost anything they put their mind to with enough hard work and sacrifice.”

Ashley Jones: Kyper-Twist and California P.E.O. scholarships recipient, 42, single mother of two daughters (nine and six), graduate student, online Masters in Speech Pathology at NYU (2023).

Angela Lopez: Kyper-Twist & California P.E.O. scholarship recipient, 31, single mother of 12-year-old boy, graduate student, Marriage & Family Therapy with emphasis on Latinx Mental Health, Antioch University (Santa Barbara), October 2019-fall 2021.

“PEO has made a tremendous impact in my life. PEO provided me not only with financial assistance for graduate school, but also hope and strength to persevere despite difficulty.

I was born in the U.S. of immigrant parents who decided to raise me back in their country of origin, Mexico.  I completed my BA in Clinical Psychology there and decided to return to the U.S. to pursue better career and lifestyle opportunities. Being a U.S. citizen and being able to pursue a goal of higher education was a real privilege, but I faced many challenges when transferring my degree. My son has witnessed the efforts made to accomplish my goals in this country, and I can see how modeling this behavior has made him a great student and kind little human.

I would be honored to join P.E.O. in the future so that I might help women reach their dreams. Seeing the challenges of my community, I hope to build a practice in San Luis Obispo with Latinos given that my background allows me to share with them in a profoundly compassionate way.”

“When I was pregnant, P.E.O. helped me with a financial scholarship.  I was concerned about how I was going to finish school, save money to provide for my baby, while at the same time doing something for myself.  

Earning an AA is a huge step, and one that I hope to follow up with a BA in Early Childhood Education.  P.E.O. ladies have been super friendly, kind and supportive of my goal to become the professional woman I dream to be and secure a better future for my baby.”

Lucy Parra: Kyper-Twist scholarship recipient, 27, married with a nine month-old daughter, AA Early Childhood Education, North County Cuesta College, January 2015-fall 2021.